213.157 Studio I (Art Lab) 213.157 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

213.157 – Week #9.2 Notes

Wiki tua iwa, Akomanga tua rua

Group discussion

Breakout room sharing this time. Cool idea! I liked Josef’s cats, and it sounds like Kiah had fun trying to break a canvas down.

5. Hanne Lippard

Works with language, and discrepancies between spoken/written.

Collects fragments of language.

Rhythms, flow.

“About creating a tension around language in a quite specific way”.

Grew up in a bilingual family – between languages.

Sees rhythm/melody in text.


The place where she feels comfortable – performing a text – not as part of a discussion.


Why the pot plant?

Piece based on step counting – online psychology tests – assessment of own state?

Use of digital devices to broker our interactions with the world.

6. Rebecca Ann Hobbs

Uses music and dance in chosen places.

Re-present music outside its normal context?

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