213.157 Studio I (Art Lab) 213.157 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

213.157 – Week #9.1 Notes

Wiki tua iwa, Akomanga tua tahi

Group discussion

We first shared our work with the class for a minute each. So interesting!

So many different approaches to riffing on Dale Harding and Yoko Ono.

Got to get out of my track – the only difference between a rut and grave is depth. Need to break out of that!

Enjoyed how people allowed their environment and surroundings to influence their thoughts and feelings, and then responded to that. I feel that for myself I’m too much into technique, and not as much into the freedom of expression, so I need to push myself between those two modes.

3. Pati Solomona Tyrell

Art as a healing process.

Makes Art for himself.

Incorporates multiple mediums, including costume, film, etc.

Explored gender and sexuality in his earlier work.

Answering the questions he has about identity: male/female/other.

Looked at sasa? fafa? as performance.

Fluidity of space referencing fluidity of gender.

Looked at hierarchy of Samoan culture – expressed that queer is at lowest ranking.

Hard to be in a culture where others in culture don’t connect.

4. Angela de la Cruz

Painting as a container for her ideas.

Large scale canvases.

Break down paintings. Not sacred anymore.

Had a stroke, so can’t be as hands on.

A painting and a sculpture.

Humour is very important.

Paintings behaving badly.

I really like this work! Like the idea of breaking away from the normality of a framed canvas.

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