221.157 Independent Study Week #6

Week #6 – wb 4th April 2022

No tasks this week – prepare for presentation on the project!

This is the last week of the course, so it’s also a chance to reflect, as well as wrapping up the project.

Check-in: where am I up to?

  • I did shoots on the following dates:
  1. 3rd March
  2. 8th March
  3. 11th March
  4. 17th March
  5. 22nd March
  6. 27th March
  7. 28th March
  8. 29th March
  9. 30th March
  10. 31st March
  11. 2nd April
  • Shot over 700 discreet images.
  • Selected 62 images and edited them.
  • Selected 7 images for my final piece (3 to form a triptych, plus 4 supporting images).

Reflections on my final series of images.

This is kind of important, I guess, What do I think about my final selection of images, the layout, the overall impression?

Firstly, I am proud of the images. I think they’re some of the best I’ve taken in many years of (mostly film) photography. I also think I now have something of a handle on black and white digital processing, and am getting something of the “pop” that I’ve not managed to achieve before.

The images get across the feelings that I was hoping to capture – the quiet, calmness of off-season Days Bay. The quality and variability of the light; the difference that weather makes to the state of the sea, and so on.

My supporting images also gave me a chance to show some of the ephemera of the bay, both things humans have built, and that the sea has deposited. This was also a chance to look at the evolved, weathered aspects of objects too.

Tasks for this week

N/A – this is the week to edit and wrap up the project.

Contact Sheets

N/A – this is the week to edit and wrap up the project.

This week’s best edits

The general editing of my individual images was complete by this point. Instead, I worked on tweaking the images to do things like line up the horizon, and also adjusting the tonal balance between the images so that they work better as a triptych. I wanted a light, calm flow from the left through the sequence to darker, stormier mood at right.

For the secondary images, there were more choices for layout. I’m favouring a vertical layout, but may have a dollar each way and do a kind of up-down-up-down *o*o kind of thing.

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