237.131 Independent Study Week #6

Week 6: Presentation

Thanks to COVID, this didn’t happen.

Prep for Second Half

Task 1 (2 hrs)

READ: Hirini Moko Mead's Ngā Pūtake o te Tikanga: Underlying Principles and Values.

REFLECT: Make some notes on your understanding of tikanga, considering this in relationship to ethics and values. You will need to bring this to class for discussion in week 7.

Pending some free time due to working at home during lockdown…

Task 2

ASSIGNMENT PREPARATION: Read the brief for Assignment 2. Note any questions you might have, and what topic you might be interested in.

Ideas for marginalized communities in Aotearoa, New Zealand?

Need to have a group discussion on this.

No idea yet of how groups are going to work, given we’re in lockdown still, and this course may be online?

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