237.231 Independent Study Week #7 (#1)

Perception Session #1

To Do:

  1. Confirm topic area – which sensory modality
  2. Workbook
  3. Creative Piece

Which Sensory Modality?

I think I will go with Sound/Audio/Aural/Hearing.

Opportunity to continue from Spatial Design? Add spatial sound?

Experiment with more with audio synthesis?



  • Reuse the work I did in Spatial.
  • Design a spatial audio environment (Use SSR?).
  • Experiment with entering laving buildings and other enclosed spaces.
  • Bit boring?

Sound enablement

  • Build a sound enabled app.
  • Trigger (spatial) audio when various actions are detected?
  • Totally my comfort zone.
  • Boring.


  • Create a simple game using audio clues.
  • Maybe use Processing’s sound panning?
  • Again, my IT comfort zone. Get out of this!


  • Walkthrough a landscape using ambient sounds.
  • Create emotions? Fear? Anticipation?

What to investigate next

Would really like to look at how sounds and stereo imaging causes almost physical reactions.

There’s a Deadmau5 track called Sofi Needs A Ladder that has a really strange intro, using out of sync stereo (binaural?) beats from what sounds like a saw tooth waveform from a synth modulating another oscillator. The out of sync combined with distortion and delay induces almost physical feeling – frisson – and I’m interested to do more exploration of this. Time to break out the modular synth again?

Could potentially look at how music alters mental state?

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