213.157 Independent Study Session #11.2 – Plan


Your plan should include consideration of the following questions:

How will you iterate on your earlier experiments to produce a final

What research and further experimentation will be needed?

How will you go about this?

(this plan will be a ‘living document’ that you can update in
conversation with us over the next week).


Concept based on some of Mark Bradford’s work with destruction of overlying layers.

Idea to perhaps use a more friable upper layer, for example plaster over an acrylic painted or oil pastel layer? Maybe a photograph printed at a large scale?

Add strings over the base image, or some other ways to disrupt the plaster layer?

Invite the audience to take part in the destruction of the upper layer?

As I want to bring an environmental theme into this, perhaps the lower layer can be a map? Roads and houses, with an aerial view of a forest and rivers painted on the plaster layer?

Perhaps the strings can follow the roads, train lines, etc.