221.157 Independent Study Week #2

Week #2 – wb 7th March 2022

Week #2 Tasks

  1. Go to the library and complete the Library Task: Learning to Look: A format for looking at and talking about photography
  2. Watch ‘Exposure in relation to digital’ and ‘Adobe Camera Raw software workflow – editing your images pt. 2’ videos (found in week 10)
  3. Read and take notes on ‘Photography: The Key Concepts’ by David Bate.  
  4. Think about the feedback you received during your presentation and start to experiment. 
  5. Bring photos to class on Monday/Tuesday to work with. 

Week #2 Actions

1. Library

Did this with my group. This is included in the submission Zip file.

2. Watch videos

Did this!

3. Read and take notes

Again, part of the submission Zip file.

4. Consider feedback

Started to incorporate this, in homing in on my subject and starting to think about how I want to tell a story. At this stage, sticking with Days Bay Off Season.

5. Bring photos

See below for this week’s contact sheets and edits.

Took these to class.

Contact Sheets

8th March


11th March


This week’s best edits

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