237.231 Independent Study Week #10

Perception Session #4


This is mainly preparation for face-to-face session 5, which unfortunately I had to miss because of work.


  • What is your writing project – how are you approaching this – a creative work and academic work/etc.
  • How are you presenting the work? Zine, book style, catalogue, photo essay, etc.
  • How is the approach you are taking seem relevant/appropriate to the project you have undertaken?
  • What set texts you have been reading? additional resources? and the research on creative practices you have located?
  • Where are you at with the Works Cited List or Reference lists.
  • What do you feel you need help /support wi th?
  • What is on your Checklist
  • List questions you have for us


What writing project?

How do various pieces of rhythmic, repetitive music influence me as an artist?

How to present?

Boring, but a classic essay.

Relevancy to project?

Not sure that an essay is going to be able to fully articulate how a piece of music makes me feel. Will need to see how far my vocabulary stretches!

Which set texts?

I’m going to work with Paul Duncum Visual Culture and Embodiment 2005


I have a number of sources so far from my research into this.

What help needed?

Not a lot of point filling this out – I can’t attend the tutorial.

What’s on checklist?

  1. Listen again to pieces.
  2. Experiment with some basic drawing, painting, while listening to a piece. See if the piece I’m listening to makes any difference to my work.
  3. Select the media I will use for my final piece(s).

Any questions?

Not at this stage.

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