221.157 Studio I (Lens) 221.157 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

221.157 – Week #6.1 Notes

4th April, 2022

Reminder, our images are to be…

…accompanied by a 150-word statement which addresses why you chose that location, and how the visual material you have collected or created with your camera has engaged with the concepts of mihimihi.

We went through what we’d produced.

So far, mine is a bit woolly and subjective. Wrong word. Melodramatic? Over-emotional?

Days Bay is known for being Wellington’s day out on the beach. For most of the year, however, it’s a sleepy commuter village.

In the height of Summer, I don’t find Days Bay to be a welcoming place. It feels crowded and full of strangers, and coming back home to it can be stressful. I find myself hurrying home. Conversely, in the quiet times I feel welcomes the moment I step off the ferry and onto the wharf. There is a palpable sense of relaxation, and I sense that in the other passengers too. I stop to enjoy my surroundings; I listen to the sea and the gulls.

With my images, I wanted to show the beauty of the bay outside the summer season. The beach, the bay, and the sea are an ever-changing inspiration to me. Subtle shifts in the weather can affect the sea and sky dramatically. Storms can bring things onto the beach – from jellyfish and seaweed to huge logs. The seasons and the time of day create subtle shifts in light.

So, Ginell helped me tune it a bit. That was helpful – need to better connect to the actual images.

Then, listened into what other people were trying, including writing one of these 150 word things from scratch, which went… OK, although would have been maybe three times too long. Editing seems to be far more important that writing with these things.

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