221.157 Independent Study Week #3

Week #3 – wb 14th March 2022

Week #3 Tasks

  1. Complete the David Bate ‘The Key Concepts Reading Tasks’.
  2. Bring together your group response to the Library Task and David Bate The Key Concepts Reading Task in a presentation (PowerPoint) to present in your groups in the following class.
  3. Keep shooting and editing.

Week #3 Actions

1. Reading Tasks

Included in submission Zip file.

2. Prepare presentation

Included in submission Zip file.

3. Photography

See below for this week’s contact sheets and edits.

Feedback from Helen

Submitted this on 17th March:

Feedback received:

Thanks for sending these through, especially as they were small enough to open, I particularly liked the contrast of jpgs 3 and 4 and that there no people at all in the images.  I think the connection to the sea is really important, although that maybe that I … don’t have the same immediate connection to the coast.  The details don’t attract me as much, but a grid of images like that could be interesting.

Contact Sheets

17th March


This week’s best edits

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