237.231 Independent Study Week #8 (#2)

Perception Session #2

Started to look more deeply at how audio/sounds affect me on a physical level. I looked at pieces of music that gave me a sense of frisson, or otherwise elicited a physical reaction in me. Examples will be EDM tracks that make use of audio phasing to generate a kind of visceral response, or certain classical pieces where the crescendo is written to stir the emotions.

I learned that there are similarities in terms of complexity and volume in these pieces, but it’s difficult for me to identify a true commonality between them that would allow for a “formula” to be used to create a similar piece of audio.

Some pieces I went back to:

  • Deadmau5: Sofi Needs A Ladder
  • Philip Glass: Music in Twelve Parts
  • Alejandro Guzmán Rojas: VVitch OST
  • Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 Allegretto
  • Edward Elgar: Nimrod, Enigma Variations (Adagio)

So what is the feeling these pieces engender?

  • Rhythmic, binaural audio, frisson.
  • A state of relaxation, decreased heart rate.
  • Fear. Nervousness.
  • Empowerment. Being “stirred”.
  • Patriotism. Pathos.

How to represent that as a resolved piece of my own work?

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