221.157 Independent Study Week #1

Week #1 – wb 28th February 2022

Week #1 Monday Tasks

  1. Next class bring your DSLR camera (if you have one) to the Zoom class.  
  2. Watch the lectures ‘Lens photographic precedents’ and ‘Exposure and Photographic Conventions’.  
  3. Start working on your assignment – you’ve only got 6 weeks and remember 14 hours a week outside of class!
  4. Best way to come up with ideas is to get out there with your camera.
  5. Start doing research into photographers who interest you.

Week #1 Thursday Tasks

  1. Make sure you have watched ‘Week 2’ required videos and make notes. 
  2. Complete the ‘Camera Tasks’ sheet. 
  3. Make your own images that use these ‘photographic conventions’: scale, repetition, depth of field, dynamic composition etc. 
  4. Complete white balance task. 
  5. Start to photograph. 
  6. Bring photos to class on Monday / Tuesday. 

Monday Actions

1. Camera

Dug out my old EOS 20D SLRs, which I don’t shoot all that often given the X100T is currently “my precious”.

Cleaned lenses, charged batteries, etc.

2. Watching

Watched both videos. Fortunately nothing new to me as a film photographer – happy to see transferrable skills!

3. Assignment

Got an Adobe CC license.

Started looking at Days Bay as my subject.

Found recent images and started to look at the modern versions of Photoshop, etc.

4. Photography

Went out at took some photos! See below for contact sheets and edits.

5. Research

Looking at photographers whose work I might like to reference?

Andreas Gursky? Hiroshi Sugimoto?

Thursday Actions

1. Watching

Confirmed: watched the videos and did the required reading.

2. Camera Tasks

Done – have done this before.

3. Shooting “conventions”

See below – part of my project shooting

4. White Balance

I set up a cup of colourful pens on a sheet of brown sugar paper, which is pretty close to neutral, then photographed in various lighting condititions.

5. Photography

See below for contact sheets and edits.

6. Bring photos


Contact Sheets

3rd March


This week’s best edits

Previously taken photos, edited for this project

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