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237.231 – Week #9 Notes

In class exercises

This week was a rare face-to-face class – a pleasant change from Zoomiversity.

We did a variety of exercises:

Come up with as many different way to say “pass the salt” as possible,.

Provide three other words for crumbly, billowy, angular, fluffy.

Provide three entirely made up words for the same.

Take a coloured piece of paper and define it in various ways (scent, taste, texture, etc.). Repeat this with a new colour.

Then, finally, combine all of the words and phrases into some kind of piece of poetry, prose, etc.

Final piece

Look at the salt,
Look at the other person,
Make eye contact.

Reach out.

Pointy, bitty, downy.
Feel the cold, metallic cellar in your mind's eye.
Steel blue.

The peppermint hard metal.
Sharp at the edges.
Kachick, chit, ittat.


Think instead of the warm hillside and the birds quietly chirping.

Mossy clouds.
Relaxed and cottony.

Classroom raw notes

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