237.131 Conversations in Creative Cultures 237.131 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

237.131 – Week #9 Notes

Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Art & Design

Guarding the Family Silver

Cognitive dissonance – keep te reo Māori on the marae, but celebtrate the “All Blacks haka”.

Māori culture potentially seen by big brands as a resource to be exploited.

Struggling to say how this is different from a rap artist remixing another track.

Offense should be measured by the standards of the culture.

“Can’t celebrate the beauty without celebrating the people to which it belongs”.

How to check if offending Māori cultural images?

IP system does not current support collective ownership approaches.

How to resolve the “total incompatibility” between the individualistic approaches to global IP and collectivism of Māori tikanga considerations.

“Control” seems to be the critical issue. Control of identity, etc.

Not a good fit between IP and traditional knowledge.

Māori recognitions of protection – have IP law recognize those interests.

How to address the potential “chilling effect” on innovation? For example, will the international innovators shy away from NZ?

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