221.157 Studio I (Lens) 221.157 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

221.157 – Session #1.1 Notes

28th February, 2022


Getting set up in the Zoom class.

Introduction to Helen, Ginell (and Tom, on Thursdays)

Went over the basics of thee project, how to borrow a camera, etc.

Lots of the students in self-isolation, so hard to get out and shoot. Must suck – sympathies!

How to access Massey Block 6 for Mac use, etc.

Project Brief

Utilising digital photographic capture, editing, and processing software you will be challenged to evaluate, interpret and re/present your position in the world around you. You will develop an understanding of communicating using photographic images through the practice of critical evaluation of your own, and others, images.

You will identify a site in Wellington to photograph. You should consider how you engage with this site in relation to your background, where you have come from, and how you might announce yourself today through this site.

Helpful strategies might be:

  1. Choose a site
  2. Why are you drawn to this site and how might it relate to your background and your identity?
  3. How might you announce/introduce yourself ‘today’ through your chosen site?
  4. Consider a photographic strategy/genre; or explore a range of photographic genres that best describe your site in relation to your background and identity.

Following a process of researching and photographing your site, by week six you will produce a series of 3-5 digital images and one 16×12 inch inkjet print, accompanied by a 150-word statement which addresses why you chose that location, and how the visual material you have collected or created with your camera has engaged with the concepts of mihimihi. You will consider the relationship between the digital and printed images, and the possibilities offered by the different outputs.

You will be assessed based on the paper’s learning outcomes. We will assess your final and developmental work, your involvement in the class workshops, exercises, and discussions. These are to be evident in a physical workbook.

My initial thoughts

So, I’m naturally enough going to choose somewhere I can walk to, because I might end up in self-isolation.

Got to be something based on Days Bay. The beach? History?

What do I have in my recent photos that could fit into this, given that I’ve shot a lot in Days Bay in the past couple of months?

Plan: draw on what I have, then add shoots once I get started down a track.

To Do

  • Chase the Mac order along.
  • Buy an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
  • Look for existing images.
Days Bay, Wellington, New Zealand, by Muir & Moodie. Te Papa (C.014751)

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