237.131 Conversations in Creative Cultures 237.131 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

237.131 – Week #12 Notes

Asian Aotearoa Histories

Pre-work – videos

“Māori-Chinese encounters and New Zealand multi-cultural society”. Manying Ip. Research works wonders. 2011, Auckland University.

Interviewed 100+ people.

Lots of NZ people with Chinese and Māori.

Multi-cultural society is broader than people think.

Needs to be more understanding of Asian community in NZ.

“Documentary Edge Online Video Poetry Slam 2012: Chinglish: Renee Liang”. 2012, Documentary Edge.

People’s perceptions that people who are Asian were not born here?

“Your English is good, for a foreigner…”

“Community arts case study: ‘Alice Canton’s OTHER [CHINESE]’”. Jeff Smith, Deep Animation (filmmakers). 2018, New Zealand on Air.

Classroom notes

Economic downturn in China.

Prompted a diaspora to other countries.

Watching video #1 again

Social deprivation.

Legislative discrimination.


This was one of first pieces of research.

Way forwards is for Chinese and Maori to work together.

National identity includes Pakeha, Māori, and Asians.

Reflecting on this image

Portrayal of Asian man as a monster.

Male attacker.

Māori woman representing NZ?

Māori as victims?

Adaptation of other country’s racist traits.


Why opium? Was that long dead by 1907?

Why octopus?
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