Bachelor of Fine Arts Reflections on studying

Preparing for Semester 2

Some actions to follow up on. Cross out when done.

  • Plan the half year, then months, then weeks. The work this semester is not going to be as easy to fit into my “spare” time as semester one was, particularly the two Art Lab sessions. So, book holidays for those.
  • Change the blog layout to allow multiple courses. I’d locked it into a structure that only really supported one course, so need to put another level of hierarchy in there.
  • Do the independent study! I did well at this in semester one, and need to keep the same focus this semester – if only one or two weeks get away from you, it’s hard to pull it back. So, write up the group sessions, then get stuck into the independent study.
  • Critically, there are two assignments for 237.131 each one with only six weeks to plan/do/submit. I need to plan for the assignment in week one and start getting the submission set up – that was a time sink last time.