Bachelor of Fine Arts Reflections on studying

Changing course

I wrote somewhere that what I really want to do is a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). That’s not something you can jump straight into – you either have to come out of college level arts and have your portfolio pre-approved, or apply and have your portfolio accepted.

To build a portfolio, and get back into learning, I’d enrolled in Massey’s Diploma in Visual Arts course. Seemed like a win/win option.

Now, it is possible to take some of the BFA modules as part of the DipVA, with permission from the faculty. So, I spoke to one of the BFA tutors on Zoom to ask about this. He suggested that, rather than wait, I just submit a portfolio immediately. If it was accepted, then I could switch to BFA and save a lot of time (taking my DipVA credits with me); if not, then at least I’d know what I need to work on.

So, I submitted a portfolio.

The portfolio was accepted.

I’m now a BFA student!

This is quite… a nice surprise.