237.130 Communication for Makers 237.130 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

237.130 – Week #10 Notes

Session 10: Making in progress

This session was a 1:1 session with Matthijs to discuss my concepts for the “Making Of” project.

I discussed the idea of reworking advertising from the 19th and early 20th Centuries to reflect what might have been if the activities were more integration that colonization.

Matthijs expressed a concern that this was potentially a dangerous path, because it was still bring very much a Western approach to the issues. I suggested that I could speak with a Māori person about this, to bounce some ideas around, so I took that away as an action.

I also think I might revisit the concept to see how else I might present the fundamental divisions I feel between UK/Japan/NZ life, and how that three sided thing can be reflected by the three sides of my section on land in Oruamatoro, and so on.

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