237.130 Communication for Makers 237.130 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

237.130 – Week #9 Notes

Session 9: Explore and Express

Less on the lecture stuff; more about our individual projects this week.

Comments from others on ethics

Others initially reflected my thoughts, which is that the Maori approach feels more personally and individual, rather than the more rules based approach of the Massey framework.
About not just your own view, but connects to future people.
The Massey view may apply both to you as a researcher, and also perhaps you as the person being researched.
Can be applied in different ways; can maybe argue the other way, that some people are not worthy of respect.
Perhaps applicable in the longer term; do people who are ex-Massey have an ongoing connection to the ethical framework.
…on the qualities of the Kaupapa Maori framework

Requires a level of trust in the value system
Acknowledge what you are taking, and perhaps become engaged in the conversation and dialogue before asking for or taking things.

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