221.157 Studio I (Lens) 221.157 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

221.157 – Week #5.1 Notes

28th March, 2022

Group Feedback

Zoom School sucks.

Not a lot of structure.

Not a lot of conversation.

Each of these sessions costs about $75. It would be good to think that I’m getting $75 of value from them. Perhaps I’m treating University differently to most people, because it’s not just a badge collecting exercise so that I can then take the degree and parlay it into job. University needs to stretch me so that I grow as an artist, in this case as a photographer.

Anyway, enough of the self-pitying whines.

Where am I up to?

What I got from today’s session

Need to develop the theme of my images more, and build a connection.

Contact sheet so far

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