221.157 Studio I (Lens) 221.157 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

221.157 – Week #2.1 Notes

7th March, 2022

Digital Workflow


  • Adobe Lightroom OK for individuals (we use Bridge as better on shared network).
  • Use Adobe Bridge
  • Import the RAW files from the camera.
  • Import as a DNG, which is a digital negative.


Remove lens aberrations first.

Remove chromatic aberrations.

Then get into editing the levels/channels.

The “Basic” tools

Develop your own workflow.

Assess the histogram.

e.g. work through the histogram and sliders in order?

Workflow (from Handout)

I borrowed this from the class notes:


  • Shoot in RAW files
  • Use manual settings to control exposure correctly
  • Downloading images
  • Download through Bridge
  • Convert RAW files to DNG as you download (check box)


  • Use Bridge to organise and manage your files
  • Make contact sheets of the WHOLE shoot, print and put into your workbook with notes about:
    • What you tried
    • What worked and what didn’t
    • What you plan to try next
  • Go through every shoot and mark the photos you are happier with – come up with your own system but perhaps mark photos you really like 5 stars and ones you think you like with 3 stars. This way when you come back you can easily sort them and only look at the photos you’re happier with.
  • Adjust the images you are happier with in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
    • At this stage global adjustments to get the white balance, crop/straightening and tonal adjustments right are enough
  • Once you have a smaller selection you might use the Contact Sheet function in ‘Output’ to print larger versions of some of the photos you’re happier with (perhaps 4 per page) and put these into your workbook with notes discussing them.
  • Repeat the above multiple times, assessing and refining your work as you go, developing your project and how you are communicating with your photographs.

To Do

  • Get to know Adobe CC, initially Bridge and Camera Raw.
  • Start to develop a workflow for myself that suits how I shoot. Historically, I tend to crop for form/shape before any retouching, but is this OK?
  • I’ve not worked with contact sheets before. How does this work? I’m assuming that there’s an automated tool for this.
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