213.157 Studio I (Art Lab) 213.157 Studio Notes Bachelor of Fine Arts

213.157 – Session #8.1 Notes

Wiki tua waru, Akomanga tua tahi


Tuesday tutorial

Online because still at COVID Alert Level 2 Delta

Sucks that we have to do this for an interactive art class, but can’t be helped. Mostly worked! Not sure how it’ll work when we have to actively create as a group.


A foundation of this course is Hākari. What do we mean by Hākari?

Initial definition

  • Hākari is a process for balancing, settling and replenishing oneself and one’s community or whenua.
  • It takes the form of a feast, which moves the powhiri proceedings from the formal to the informal, and through that movement cements future relationships.
  • It is an opportunity for reciprocity and friendly rivalry to enhance the mana of the hosts and guests.

Group discussion

We had a class discussion on this, captured in a Google document.